Parts of a cell:

cell membrane

a permeable part of the cell which allows things to go in and out of it like nutrients or waste
mitochondrion Powerhouse of the cell and provides energy. They are tiny rodlike or stringlike structures which occurs in practically all cells of plants and animals.They are also the cell part that process food for energy.
nucleolus a small spherical body in the nucleus of a cell, consisting of protein and RNA.
nucleus It is the brain of the cell in simple words. It controls growth and reproduction.
organ A specialized structure which performs a certain function, such as the heart or skin.
tissue Similar cells which make up an organ.
vacuole this membranous enclosure consists of susbtances isolated from the protoplasm
cell wall Made of cellulose, it is the rigid outermost layer of a plant cell.
chlorophyll the green pigment in the leaves and stems of plants
chloroplast a small oval green bit of protoplasm which causes green pigment
chromosome tiny, threadlike, DNA-containing bodies within the cell nuclei of all organisms

Osmosis is when water diffuses through a semi-permeable membrane. Basically to be more exact, it is the movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane from an area of high water potential (low solute concentration) towards an area of low water potential (high solute concentration). Osmosis is important in biological systems. File:Osmosis.JPG


A hypotonic solution is a solution with a lower salt concentration than in normal cells of the body and the blood. Hypo means less and tonic means tonicity. An example would be a sports drink.



A hypertonic solution has a higher salt concentration than in normal cells of the body and the blood. Hyper means more in this case as opposed to hypo meaning less. Hypertonic drinks will make the human body more dehyrated.  

ATP stands for  Adenosine Triphosphate. ATP is important for supplying energy for mechanical work. Also, it is used for synthesizing chemical compounds, such as protein and cholesterol.

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